How Much Can I Borrow?

How much can I borrow? Is the million-dollar question prospective Australian Expat home buyers ask a mortgage broker. The answer is that banks or lenders have a five-point CHECKLIST for accessing the lending risk for Australian Expats wanting to purchase property in Australia. This checklist needs to be met before a lender will FINANCE your mortgage. They are;

Coronavirus, wearing a mask and finding the right mortgage?

Not all Masks are the same, just like not all Mortgage Brokers are the same. As I sit in the Departure Terminal of Brisbane’s International airport, I ponder what to expect in Hong Kong and also question whether I’m mentally and physically prepared? How do we prepare for something when we don’t know what is … Continue reading Coronavirus, wearing a mask and finding the right mortgage?

How do banks view foreign income loans?

How do banks view foreign income loans for Australian Expats, living abroad and earning foreign currency? This is an important question that needs to be answered and why one may need to seek professional advise from an Australian expat mortgage specialist when looking to apply for a foreign income loan from an Australian Bank. "Understanding … Continue reading How do banks view foreign income loans?

Foreign Currency Loans

Foreign currency or Expat Home loans – what to look out for if you have one Over the past year I’ve had many clients buying new properties where we are looking to source a new loan. In a few cases they have had existing debt on an existing property where the loan is an Expat … Continue reading Foreign Currency Loans

Australian Expat Finance Solutions

Australian Expat Finance is your direct link to a professional, trusted, independent, ethical Australian mortgage company Best Foot Forward. Best Foot Forward is a boutique Australian mortgage business with over 20 years experience in the finance industry and 4 years of specialised experience with Australian expat finance solutions. Australian Expat Finance specialises in hunting down … Continue reading Australian Expat Finance Solutions